Video Image Productions is an established video and new media production company providing communications support to major corporations since 1983. Serving a wide range of clients in business sectors from fashion to finance, VIP has been established as one of New York City’s premiere boutique production shops.

Our Philosophy:
We listen and learn about our clients. Understanding our client’s business enables us to develop programming that effectively communicates through interactive sales and marketing, public relations, or employee relations programming.

We Are Dynamic and Innovative
Our approach is not “cookie cutter”. We meet each and every project with a different perspective then submit several pre-production treatments for our clients to review.

We Have High Standards for Production
Your audience is accustomed to watching network quality television with superlative technical features and graphic design. Every VIP production meets or exceeds these standards.

We Meet Our Client’s Expectations
When we present a proposal that is revised and ultimately accepted we honor the proposed financial obligations to the dollar. Unless changes are requested, approved and agreed in writing, our clients can be confident they will not have their budget jeopardized.